It doesn’t matter which sport you’re betting on – just about everyone is continually looking for the best possible offers. And, of course, many online sportsbooks are happy to provide us with something interesting, so let’s now take a look at reduced juice. This concept isn’t particularly new, but it’s still vital, and you are going to be better off if you understand it thoroughly!

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What Is Reduced Juice?

You most probably know what juice is by now, but let us remind you that it’s how much a sportsbook charges for its bets. When it comes to regular sportsbook mainstream bets, reputable sportsbooks are currently going with a 10% juice, which translates to lines of -110 (meaning that you have to bet $110 to stand to win $100). That’s not a particularly heavy price to pay, but it still means that you have to be quite successful in your tipping to break even. Then again, things would be much better if the juice would be at least somewhat smaller.

Well, guess what! Many sportsbooks are now offering reduced juice of 5%! For their main markets, or at least for a range of markets, which translates to lines of -105 (meaning that you have to bet $105 to stand to win $100). It might look like a minor difference. But, let us tell you that this difference is enormous over a long time and that it may very well mean the difference between you being a winning punter or a losing one!


The Pros of Reduced Juice

So why should you consider looking for sportsbooks with reduced juice (such as 5Dimes)? Well, the answer is rather simple. If you decide to play at a sportsbook with reduced juice and bet on lines with reduced juice, you’re going to be able to get more profit if you are successful or soften your losses if you aren’t. And, since sports betting is only about money, who would refuse such an offer?


The Cons of Reduced Juice

Unfortunately, betting with reduced juice also comes with some negatives that most bettors don’t know. They are rather subtle, and they might not make much of a difference for the vast majority of punters, but it’s still worth knowing about them.

The main thing that you’re bound to notice straight away, all sportsbooks that offer betting with reduced juice come with little to no promotional and bonus offers. Interestingly, a small number of sportsbooks that offer betting with reduced juice allow their customers to pick between reduced juice lines and bonuses during the registration process. Still, the vast majority of them go one way or the other with no options.

Another minus that’s much less prevalent. From time to time, reduced lines are going to be on offer with reduced betting limits, which means that you might not be able to place as much money as you’d like to. It won’t be much of a problem unless you’re a semi-professional bettor. If that’s what you’re aiming for, then the chances are that you might need more than just a single sportsbook to get the desired liquidity.

And, to round things off, we’d also like to mention that you might sometimes find slightly manipulated lines that aren’t going to be -105 and -105. Instead, they might look something like +105 and -115 at some point. It can be a great thing or a bad thing, depending on which side you’d like to be on, but it’s something that you need to watch out. It once again means that you should consider registering accounts at more than just a single sportsbook, to avoid (or, well, take advantage) such skewed situations. They are rare, but they do occur from time to time.


Difference Between Juice and Bonuses

In the previous section, we’ve talked about sportsbooks that offer reduced juice might not be so giving as far as bonuses are concerned. What does that mean in practice, and how should you approach things if you don’t know if you should prefer reduced juice or better bonuses? Well, the simple rule is that you should always prefer reduced juice if you want to bet with more money for a very long time. In contrast, punters that are playing just for the fun of it and with lower stakes should almost always prefer bonuses, especially if they don’t mind changing sportsbooks here and there to get additional rewards.

Whereas most bonuses are outstanding in the short term (i.e., when they last). The benefits of betting on lines with reduced juice increases over time. If you want to place several bets and you can get any reasonable bonus on your first deposit, you’re guaranteed to be better off with that bonus since the difference between a -110 line and a -105 line isn’t going to make that much difference over a short stretch. If you want to play for several months or even years, however, all the small differences are going to accumulate, and the benefits are – at some point – going to overtake those of one-off bonuses quickly. Check out our fastest paying online sportsbooks too.


Reduced Juice FAQs

What Is Reduced Juice?

Reduced juice means that the given bookie charges less for you placing a bet. In practice, this most usually means that it is offering -105 lines for the most popular markets instead of -110 lines. Long story short. You'll need to stake $105 (instead of $110) to win $100.

Why Should Bettors Look To Reduced Juice?

Even though the difference between -110 lines and -105 lines might look insignificant at a glance. It might mean the difference between you ending the season with a profit, or with a loss. Over time, the difference keeps on getting bigger and bigger. In practical terms, you are going to get quite a lot out of reduced juice if you are in the game for the long run.

Are there any trade-offs?

Yes, there are. To be able to offer lines with reduced juice, sportsbooks typically cut things short elsewhere. Bookies with reduced lines offer virtually nothing in terms of promotions and bonuses. It's a trade-off that you might not be happy to make if you are just a recreational bettor that plays for low stakes, and that's in it primarily for the fun of it.