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Over the last two decades, there has always been one hot topic that is constantly in the spotlight and that topic is the world of sports betting, especially when it comes to online sports betting. The opinions on online sports betting are fierce and loud on both sides of the fence but the biggest controversy surrounding online sports betting is simply…. what sites are LEGAL for US Sports betting?

In the world of online sports betting, it is important to remember one thing as it may be a grey area to most and that is online sports betting (gambling) is NOT explicitly outlawed by the United States federal government. But, for the average Joe, what does it all mean when knowing the ins and outs and most importantly legalities when it comes to online sports betting?

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In this article we will provide you with as much accurate information along the resources with it when it comes to all you need to know about legal online sports betting and gambling.

This site is full of top rated online sports betting websites that we proudly, endorse and trust worldwide but for those of you that rely on and are dependent of U.S. sports betting; let us put your mind at ease. However, if any additional questions or concerns should arise, it is always best to consult with local officials or a paid professional to supply you with the necessary information.

Sports Betting in the United States – Is it Legal?

To be blunt– sports betting is the U.S. is certainly a complex issue. And legally, there are only a few states where the act of sports betting is legal in some way shape or form. But, these complex issues are relegated to land-based sports betting establishments only such as Las Vegas for example; the king of sports wagering. There are some other states, however, that do welcome some form of legalized sports wagering but not nearly in the same ballpark as Las Vegas.

A little history on sports betting; back in 1992, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act was created to prevent wagering on sports. But, this enactment only applies to states that already did not have some form of a legal form sports betting in place.

The states of Delaware, Montana and Oregon all have some form of sports betting that is considered legal. The three states mentioned are all licensed and legal to provide some form of sports betting. Now, as good as that sounds, it’s when a person gets involved with a sports bookie where things can get complicated and to be honest… may be become illegal if not done right.

Betting with a Sportsbook online is it Legal?

Much like the land-based sports betting establishments we mentioned above, the answer to whether online sports betting is legal is the same… complex. While, there may be NO federal ban against online gambling, the federal government has made it difficult and challenging when it comes to laws governing the way online gambling entities are are funded. To further explain, there are two specific pieces of legislation that are involved in dealing with this; the first is the Federal Wire Act…

Going back to 1961, the Federal Wire Act prohibits businesses from “knowingly using wire communication for processing a bet or wager.” In the United States, these types of business operations are prohibited. With that said, however, the law does not specifically pertain to the person making the sports betting wager or bet, just the way the bet or wager is placed. This is an important distinction.

The next piece of legislation is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006. This “grey” area prohibits the use of credit cards and other forms of electronic funds that may aid in financing gambling activities such as sports betting, casino or poker play for example.

But, this act does not give specifics when it talks about the individual making the bet or wager; and with that, it’s this area that makes it considered exempt. To better clarify the legal ways, we will talk more about these forms of financing down the page with deposits and withdrawals.

While, there may be a handful of states that have some variations of bans when it comes to online sports betting, these laws are not enforced at the consumer/citizen level. In short, these sports betting websites are perfect to use and play so long as your intentions are not to own and operate for the purpose of taking bets and making a profit; that is one the red flags come up.

Online Sports Betting Websites- Best and Most Trusted for U.S. Players

Rest assured when it comes to U.S. online sports betting websites, we here at Wonder Punter are proud to align ourselves with only the best and most trusted sports betting websites available to residents of the USA.

These list of online sports betting websites are completely legal for U.S. players to bet and make wagers on. When deciding what sports betting site to open an account with, look for the best ones that offer big bonuses for betting sports online, but and this is big but… that also offer many options when it comes to withdrawing money from your account as well.

A quality sportsbook online will make depositing as well as withdrawing your funds as easy as possible. The signup process is quick and easy and takes just a few short minutes… and best part is it is cost nothing to become a member.

MyBookie – up to $1,000 Sign up bonus and rapid payouts

mybookie lg A recent addition to the ranks for Players across the globe, USA and even Asia included. With the latest software sharp odds and big bonuses MyBookie is one of the best bookies online you can bet on sports NFL, College Football or Basketball, NBA, NHL, MLB, UFC, Horses, NASCAR, Online Casino table games or slots safely, With the addition of multiple deposit options and fast withdrawals guaranteed wagering online with MyBookie is now a top option with many players from across the globe.

5Dimes – up to $520 in player rewards + reduced juice

5dimes lgOne of the oldest and most trusted sports betting sites online, some of the best odds in the industry “Posted early” large amount of betting types and combos to accommodate all types of bettors, every sport every game covered from NFL, NCAAF, NCAAB, MLB, Tennis, Olympics, Soccer, NASCAR, MLB along with Casino, Poker and Lotto, You can even bet Entertainment or Political prop bets. These guys have same day cash outs so no more waiting on your winnings and one of the few online betting sites that allow you to transfer your funds from another sportsbook.

BetOnline – up to $1,000 + $25 Free mobile bet

betonline lgOne of the original and best, This Online betting site has a large sportsbook, huge casino which even includes a VIP area and high stakes poker room with many different combo bonuses whichever you choose to gamble with, Cash out limits are high and bitcoin is accepted along with all the major credit and debit cards, Like the other betting sites you can wager on Football, Soccer NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL etc.

Bovada – $250 Welcome Bonus + $10 Mobile Play

bovada lgModern crisp online gambling site jammed packed with options, All the best Sports NFL, NBA, College, MLB, NHL, UFC, NASCAR, GOLF, and much much more, Bovada operates under a Canadian License and has been serving Players from the USA since it’s in inception in 1996 when it used to host under the name of Bodog.



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