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NBA Basketball betting consensus brought to you in conjunction with Mybookie, get the latest NBA Odds, real time betting trends made by the public on moneyline, spread and total over and under betting. Don’t forget to check out our free expert NBA Picks.

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Of all the major sports in the USA plus college, the NBA is one of the toughest sports to predict when deciding how to lay down a wager, which means you as a sports bettor will want to get as much as an advantage as possible when going up against online sportsbooks. This is why having a good grasp on understanding the NBA consensus and all the tools and data associated with it is vital in your success in having a profitable NBA betting season.

One major way to help with your success is to take a look at the many different top-rated sportsbooks we have aligned ourselves with here at Wonder Punter so you can get a feel for the public’s betting habits on the hundreds of NBA games throughout the course of the long season. With just about every so-called handicapper and Average Joe having their own expert opinion, do you as the bettor want to jump on board or go against the betting consensus, which we refer to as “fading the public?” Many believe that the NBA betting public is wrong more often than not simply because they are considered “casual bettors,” or tend to always bet on their favorite teams.

That is a decision that only you can decide but it helps to have accurate NBA consensus data on what the masses are leaning towards and how you can beat the sportsbooks. And when it comes to the best wagerlines on each NBA game, you can find it all here at Wonder Punter making your job just that much easier on which online sportsbooks deliver the best odds for your money.