The latest NCABB College basketball betting lines and odds including March Madness, The below sportsbook odds are supplied by the best online sportsbooks like Mybookie, Bovada, 5Dimes and show the latest live lines updated in realtime if odds are not showing just click the moneyline tab to bring up the spead or total over and under, these are usually out first.

MoneyLine Spread Total

Currently there are no matches in this league.

No better time of the year then when college hoops comes into play as it will begin with plenty of tournaments to get us ready for the regular season all culminating with what may be the most exciting tournament of all in March Madness?

With hundreds and hundreds of basketball games at our disposal to help fulfill our appetite for sports betting, it is important to understand the NCAA College Basketball Odds Legend so that you can position yourself for a successful betting season.



Regarded as still the most exciting way to bet on college basketball, the point spread, also known as the line or spread can pay big dividends if understood correctly. Sportsbooks will give either a negative or positive value on a team with a negative value meaning that team is favored to win the game or a positive value, which is given to the underdog.

Let’s take for example a negative value of (-15.5) points on the team favored to win; in order to win on that wager, the favored team must win the game by at least 16 points to give you a winning bet. For the underdog in that same game, they are given a positive of +15.5 points, which means the underdog can still lose the game by 15 points but produce a winning bet as they covered the spread by .5 point!

Important to pay attention to the moneyline associated with each value such as -15.5 (-115) or +15.5 (+105). Taking a $100 bet on the game with the juice or vig at (-115), you will need to risk $115 to win $100. The vig/juice is the commission that goes to the sportsbook for placing the wager on your behalf. However, on a wager of $100 on a (+105) bet that is a winner, you will earn $105 if the underdog covers the spread.



The moneyline has grown in popularity over the years when it comes to NCAA college basketball as with this type of wager, all one needs to do is pick the winner of the game with no point spread involved.

Also known as a straight-up (SU) bet, it is important to note that a moneyline value may be greater when it comes to wagering on the favorite. Example: a favorite with a moneyline value of (-200) will mean risking $200 to win $100, while an underdog with a moneyline value of +140 will net you $140 on a $100 bet. Remember, there will always be a bigger reward on picking an underdog winner.



Or TOTAL, this form of betting on college basketball involves a number set by the oddsmakers on what the total combined points scored on that game will be between the two teams. If for example the oddsmakers set the “total” at 155.5 combined points scored, a winning OVER bet must see of a score of 156 points or more to be a winning bet, while a winning UNDER wager must see a score of 155 points or less. As with all wagers, pay close attention to the moneyline value associated with each over/under bet to determine the risk/reward.



The crown jewel of college basketball is the lone team cutting down the nets at the end of March Madness. And as with all the other major sports, oddsmakers will establish a future line on who that team will be the champion of that sport. Strong teams that are favored may have +600 odds to win it all for example, whereas an underdog team without much hope may see a futures odds such as +250000! Bet wisely when it comes to futures as realistic expectations should be in place when it comes to your bankroll.

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