NFL Consensus

NFL latest consensus picks are updated in realtime with the current public betting trends using realtime data from Mybookie client base, See which teams are the favorites based on bets alone, Moneyline, Spread and Total over and under are all included in the below consensus picks.

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Consensus Picks

Best Bet
+165 -195

Total - Over/Under

Total Over/Under
Over / Under
Best Bet
No consensus data is available for now.

When it comes to the National Football League, everybody has a prediction on what the outcome will be on that NFL game, which in this case we call a Consensus. Let’s take for example a Monday night matchup between two teams in which one team is heavily favored or backed by the wagering public by 75 percent.

With a majority of the gambling public all lining up to bet their hard earned dollars on the team favored by 75 percent, does that make you want to follow the crowd and follow suit or do you feel strongly enough to go against the favorite and bet the underdog? However you choose to bet is up to you, but feel confident enough that here at Wonder Punter, we have aligned ourselves with only the top-rated sportsbooks with each supplying enough information and data using NFL Odds spread, moneyline, OVER/UNDER and more that will give you the tools to handicap your own pick.

Again, whether you choose to go with the vast majority or on your own when it comes to analyzing the consensus, the information and tools by each sportsbook is vital and we encourage you to spend a few minutes to take a look before deciding your wager.