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NHL Consensus Picks and Public betting opinion using the data of real time trends from My Bookie each consensus gives you the latest NHL Odds Lines or you can check out our free NHL Picks by our resident handicapper.

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The game of hockey is not only fast paced, physical and exciting but also offers a great way for sports bettors whether new to the sport or a seasoned veteran to wager money on what the outcome will be. With an NHL season that begins in mid September with preseason and lasts through June culminating with the Stanley Cup, there will be hundreds of games at your disposal to wager on.

As true with all the other major sports, everyone has their own way of handicapping the NHL, but thanks to the data comprised by each of the sportsbooks, they are able to give us a consensus on what and who the general public is leaning towards; moneyline, total, etc. And, remember, even though each of the top-rated sportsbooks offered here at Wonder Punter will comprises a major consensus on what thousands of NHL fans are betting on with the number of bets and picks recorded, it will still come down to you on how you want to bet. Do you follow the 75 percent of the public that is riding the favorite or do you handicap the game yourself and realize the public is wrong and fade the majority?

The information and data that is provided by each of the sportsbooks is crucial in your own success as a bettor in wanting to be a consistent winner. Take a look at the consensus often leading up to game time as the consensus may change as interest grows stronger.