Best Sportsbooks USA – US Sportsbetting Sites 2019

We’ve listed the best Online sportsbooks for players from the USA some of them are MyBookie, 5Dimes and Bovada, each sports betting site has its own in-play betting service, sign on bonus packages to first time players, comps, quality customer support, numerous deposit options that include credit/cards and Bitcoin, as well regular tournaments where loads of cash prizes are up for grabs.

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Important Information About USA Sportsbooks Licensed In Other Jurisdictions

The majority of the online sportsbooks we've teamed up are governed by Costa Rica, Curacao and Kahnawake Law. Just because they're not licensed by a U.S state doesn't mean you're not allowed to play at them, to be honest it's still a grey area at best. Although many of them are reputable, players from the States cannot take legal action against them because their licensing certification carries little water in a U.S court. We're going to equip you with the necessary tools that will stand you in good stead next time you sign up at a sportsbook.  

Can I Place A Bet From My Mobile Phone At a Sportsbook?

Placing a quick bet while you're on the go has never been easier! Thanks to great strides in mobile phone technology many of the top sportsbetting sites now offer “Live Betting.” Simply put, there is no need to wait for the next quarter, period or second half to see the outcome of the game. Live Betting is quick and it's easy! To get the betting action underway, simply register an account by signing up and placing a deposit. The good news is that you don't have to download the software since it can be accessed through your iPhone, iPad or Android's browser.  

Do They Accept Credit Cards?

Yes they do. If you're using your credit card (Visa, MasterCard) as a deposit method it's important not to tell your bank that you're going to use it to gamble online. If your main card is declined another option is a Pre-paid card, they're available at grocery and convenient stores across the country. Before you sign up ask the betting site which Pre-pard cards it accepts. Another way of getting your funds in and out of the site is through Western Union but you'll have to get the routing information - the cash can be taken to a branch office.

Even though you can bypass the banks using a credit card there's other deposit options that you can use to fund your account that's completely hassle free, we're not spit balling here. Over the years MoneyGram and Bitcoin have became extremely popular since most of the top sportsbooks use them as deposit and withdrawal methods. Bitcoin is hands down our favorite because every single transaction is anonymous, it's cheap, super fast and transaction fees are practically non-existent! Your above average sportsbooks in the U.S accepts deposits of around $300 plus through person-to-person transfers.  

How Do I Cash Out My Wins?

U.S sportsbooks allow patrons to withdraw their cash once per month without any fees, players who cash out more than once a month will be subjected to transaction fees. As daft as it may sound it's the industry standard, many players also request checks that's couried to them via DHL or Fed-ex. Bank wire is another alternative but there's transaction fees involved and normally takes up to 7 or more working days before your money hits your account. Before you sign up consult the sportsbook's banking section first.  

What Are The Main Sports Covered?

International licensed sportsbooks that target U.S players focus mainly on basketball, baseball, NFL football, hockey and UFC. It goes without saying that finding the right lines aren't easy but with our help you'll be able to find sites that offer season long-bets, parlays and teasers.

U.S sportsbetting sites dedicate a section of their websites to horse racing that covers the main events such as the Breeders' Cup with special deals. Other popular sports include boxing, golf, motor racing, soccer and tennis, the good news is that the sportsbooks listed on this page are big enough to offer lines on these sports. Most books also double as online casinos and have separate sections where you can play the latest slots, live or table games and even play at bitcoin casino sites.  

How Do Online Betting Sites Attract Customers?

The competition among the various sportsbooks is fierce one can say it's akin to that of a gladiatorial arena. In order to attract new customers welcome bonus packages are offered in the form of deposit bonuses or free bets. The best sites reward their players with special promotions, cash prizes and rewards programs.  

How Do I Know A USA Betting Site Is Good?

One of the tell-tale signs of a reputable site is longevity (at least 5 years), the longer the site has been in business the more reputable it tends to be. At times licensing can be a 'moot' point too, you get sportsbooks licensed in the best jurisdictions but they turn out to be the biggest crooks. Aside from taking our word for it and to give you peace of mind there's a couple of spot checks you can do:

1. Do a Google search. Key in the sportsbook's name and 'Is XYZ sportsbook safe?' If the site has a shoddy reputation you can be your bottom dollar that Google will have some dirt on it.

2. Visit the top sportsbook portals such as Oddshark or forums, chances are pretty good that all the dodgy or rogue bookies are listed there.

3. Check the sportsbooks' licensing information. The most trustworthy offshore brands list their licensing info at the footer section of their websites in the form of a banner. When you click on it all the relevant information such as the license number and street address is displayed. The most popular jurisdictions are Antigua, Costa Rica, Curacao (Netherlands Antilles) and Kahnawake (Canada). If the site does not list any licensing information it's best to avoid it.

4. Responsible Gambling Policy. Any USA betting site worth its weight in gold has one. Patrons who feel that they've wagered more than they intended to must be able to self-exclude themselves from the bookie for a certain period to permanent. Deposit and session limits as well as free counseling must be available to problem gamblers.

5. Reputable sportsbetting sites always pay on time. The last thing you want to experience is a site that gives you the run-around, if the site refuses to pay you contact the manager first, if you still haven't received your cash then take matters to the next level. You can shoot an email and explain your situation to them.

6. Sportsbook bonuses with huge wagering requirements. At times when something is too good to be true it most probably is, when it comes to bonuses this old adage couldn't be more true. If the sportsbooks is advertising a bonus with unusual bonus terms or if the bonus is higher than 40%, don't accept it.

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7. Customer Support

The online sportsbook's customer service information must be listed under the 'Contact Us' section at its website. You must be able to contact the staff through email, a toll-free telephone number or live chat 24/7. If the sportsbook does not list a physical address it could signal a red flag. Before you deposit always send the site an email with a couple of questions to test its response time. In general the staff must be professional and friendly, it's a given or so to speak.  

How Do I read Online Sportsbook Betting Lines?

Placing a sports bet is no walk in the park. We cobbled together a simple guide that helps you to understand common terms used by most online sportsbooks.  

Sportsbook Betting Odds How To Read Them

The manner in which betting odds are displayed can be confusing, luckily we're here to help. Most bets are referred to as $100. If there's a minus symbol before the number (-130), the number tells you how much you must bet to win $100. In layman's terms if the betting line is -200, your bet must be $200 to make a profit of $100. Here's another example. If the betting line is -250 you must bet $300 to make a profit of $100, you get our drift?

Now, what happens if the number is positive, let's say +150? It tells you how much you'll win on a $100 bet. Therefore, if the betting line is +200 you'll make a profit of $200 for your bet of $100. Don't forget that you'll always get your stack back. If you bet $100 at +200 and you win $200 then you'll make a profit plus your $100 stack for a total return of $300.  

Types of Sports Bets

The money line bet is the most common. This is when a player places a bet on which team will win the game. Let's say the New England Patriots meet the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl, the money line might be on the Patriots -600 and Eagles +450. If you bet $100 on the Patriots you'll make a profit of $450. If your gut feeling tells you that the Eagles will win, you can bet $600 to win $100.

The 'Side' bet is hands down the most popular bet for U.S bettors, it's also known as the 'Line' or 'Spread'. The linesmaker (person responsible for setting the odds) gives the stronger team a handicap, the reason for this is to balance out the betting.

If we use the above as an illustration with the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles when they clash in the Super Bowl, the linesmaker may decide that the Patriots are 11 points superior to the Eagles. If you bet on the Patriots -11 the odds will be -110, if you bet on the Eagles to beat the Patriots by more than 11 points. Should the Patriots win by 10 points, maybe less or even lose the game, the Eagles will be winners by +11. Now, if the Patriots win by exactly 11 points it's considered a ‘push’ which means that the players will be refunded.


Why Is Bankroll Management Important In Sportsbetting?

No matter how good you are you will experience a loss at one point in time. This is why it's important that you manage your bankroll properly. Bankroll management is important because it stops you from risking money you can't afford to lose. Never gamble with your next month's rent or living expenses. Bankroll management ensures that players don't chase their losses, get carried away when they're on a winning streak and it helps us to make rational decisions.

Bankroll allocation is divided into two segments: Fixed staking plans and variable staking plans. A fixed staking plan is used by beginners because it's the exact amount you wish to gamble with. If your budget is $500 per month then that's the amount you're going to gamble with - it's a fixed amount.

A Variable Staking Plans is more complex since it's primarily based on how confident we are about the wager's success. Players can stake 1%, 2% or even 10% of their bankrolls. The higher the percentage the more confidence the player has in the outcome of the bet. The aim is to win the same amount for every bet that's been made. The higher the odds the lower the stakes or if the odds are lower the higher the stakes.

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How Do I Deal With Negative Emotions?

Betting decisions should be made for the right reasons. If you keep a close eye on a successful sports bettor you'll notice this is exactly what he or she does. They know how to analyze certain factors by turning it to their advantage and they're always positive, to them any form of betting is a calculated risk and they're extremely skillful at what they do.

The first step is to identify and to cope with negative emotions. What are they? They are fear, frustration, doubt and desperation. All these negative emotions can be very damaging to a sports bettor. To deal with these emotions it's important to realize that a losing streak is a part of betting. If you experienced a bad streak take a break or stop playing.