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Online Sportsbooks are the best option for US sports bettors that are not lucky enough to live in Las Vegas or other states which allow online wagering, however with so many options who do you choose? Below is a list of the best rated legal betting sites to wager with.

100% up to $3,000
135% up to $1000
50% up to $2,500
50% up to $520
50% up to $250
100% up to $500 or $250 Cash

Best sportsbooks to choose?


Since the beginning of time, it seems when it comes to the world of sports, along with it comes the “need” to have a little something extra involved on your favorite team or game. And in this case, it has never been more evident than for true sports fans in the United States.

Whether your intention is to make a little extra on the side or have a vested interest in making a little, decent or serious amount of cash, you want to have a reputable and honest sportsbook that you can trust and be part of for years to come. But if you’re new to the world of online sports betting and living in the U.S.– who do you go with to handle all your betting needs and can expand the additional possibilities of options when it comes to betting on sports while living in the USA?

When it comes to choosing an online sportsbook, not all are the same. In fact, they may be quite different across the board; some operators offer a vast array of prob betting, while some are limited when it comes to a “straight” bet for example. Other sites may offer huge bonuses, while others may prefer to keep their promotions modest and generous all rolled into one.

And has having to remember each and every sportsbook’s prop bets, promo and bonus may be overwhelming for some, we here at WonderPunter Sports here to take out the guess work giving you just the facts and the things that matter most when choosing the right bookie to fit your needs.

Online USA Sports Betting – Which Sports?

One huge advantage for people living in the USA is the vast majority of sports to bet on on any given day. Of course we all know the four major sports most Americans are crazy about such as the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL as well as college sports and all that they offer, BUT did you know there are so many more options available to partake in?; NASCAR, UFC, Boxing, PGA, Major League Soccer, Tennis and more.

And let’s not forget the other big sports outside of the United States such as the Spanish League, English Premier League and more! If it can be bet on, 9 out of 10 times it can found somewhere with one of the major sites we offer here at Wonder Punter.


Wagering types in the U.S

As sports betting has reached an all-time high, here are two more ways to enjoy the convenience of betting on your favorite team, sport or game!

Sports wagering for Your Mobile Device- The continued advancement of technology has made our world a lot easier and more convenient than ever to enjoy sports betting without skipping a beat from anywhere in the world. And whether you choose to visit your favorite site with the use of your smartphone, tablet or both while on the “go,” the choice is yours with a simple internet connection.

Live Sports Betting- Now that we mentioned the ease of sports betting from anywhere your heart desires.. how about at anytime while a game is in play? The answer is YES! Did you know you now have the ability to bet on LIVE action to the the point where you can wager the outcome of a play such as a score, a turnover, the over/under of amount of yards gained and more? The options at your fingertips are endless when it comes to LIVE betting.

And though, the ability to bet with these two exciting ways is still somewhat new, the already success and desire to stay one step ahead of the competition simply means the use of mobile sports betting and live betting isn’t going anywhere in the near future.

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