Betting on eSports is still a relatively new discipline. Luckily there are more than enough online sportsbooks that offer bets on eSports. If you are passionate about betting on eSports you’ve come to the right place! The eSports betting online market is growing by the day. And, what better way to do than to place your bets in a virtual environment where there’s no injuries or viruses. Suffice to say, the more we think about it, the more it makes sense to us to bet on eSports.

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    What are eSports

    If you haven’t placed a bet on eSports yet. Don’t worry, because the Wonder team fills in all the blanks when it comes to betting on your favorite eSports. So, what exactly are eSports? Well, eSports are sports that you can play away from the large sporting arenas. It’s a virtual world where thousands of enthusiastic spectators can cheer every kick of the ball. Also, eSports is where players play and compete against each other online.

    While the range of regular sports is pretty much set in stone. The range of popular eSports is changing all the time and we might add, for the better. A few years ago betting on eSports was still in its infancy stage. Fast forward to today it’s a multi-billion dollar industry. More importantly, the millennials are now the new kings of this burgeoning arena! It’s just a matter of getting enough players on board for the given cause.

    At the time of writing. The most popular PC games used for eSports are sports games like NFL, FIFA and NHL. Followed by action games such as CS: GO, Overwatch, and strategy games like LoL and DOTA 2. The one thing that live bettors like to do before they bet on eSports is research. Regular sports can’t compete since streams from eSports don’t require any equipment. Furthermore, they were on offer long before betting on eSports was a thing.


    Different eSports

    Alright, let’s take a closer look at betting on eSports, and the various types of eSports bets. When it comes to sports games (NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAAF, FIFA, NHL), you get the basic options for football and ice hockey. In other words, you can bet on who’s going to win the match. How many goals a team will score, and which player will score a goal. The sky is practically the limit because there are so many options and variables at play.

    When it comes to action games such as CS: GO, Overwatch, and strategy types like LoL, or DOTA 2. Not only can you bet on which side will win the contest. You can even bet on which side will win portions of the game. It can be on finding a new region on the game’s map. Maybe winning a bonus round and so on. Let’s be clear we don’t consider ourselves eSports betting experts, yet. The bit we do know is that it’s extremely exciting and very addictive. Once you start you can’t stop. To be honest we can’t think of any other sport that gets the adrenaline pumping like eSports. There you have it we’re forever students of this new exciting and virtual sport online.

    On a more serious note. By all means, have fun but do it in a responsible way. Always, play eSports within the ambit of your bankroll, and never bet more than you can afford to lose.


    Where Can You Bet on eSports

    With the basic info now out of the way, let’s explore where you can bet on eSports. When eSports first showed up, zero bookmakers offered bets on them. And, the volume of eSports bets worldwide was almost non-existent. Things sped up in recent times. So much so that we are now looking at many eSports markets that focus on regular sports. This occurrence is particularly common during the 2020 lockdown that saw the vast majority of standard sports suspended.

    With that in mind. You can now bet on almost any eSports. eSports that cover the major UK and European sportsbooks. As well as a large variety of US-friendly sportsbooks and the major betting exchanges. If you already have an account at a sportsbook. An eSports tab most probably popped up and you just ignored it. Now that you know a bit more about eSports, thanks to us of course. We encourage you to explore betting on eSports because it’s easy and everyone can be an expert!


    What to Look for in eSports Sportsbooks

    Since betting on eSports is now widely available. There is no pressure to register an eSports account a sportsbooks straightaway. Take your time. Explore your options, and then open accounts at sportsbooks that offer you the best deals this side of town.

    The one thing that you should always look for first and foremost is the range of events. The reason being, sportsbooks might not offer the eSports you want to place your bets on. Don’t stay at an eSports betting site if it does not offer your game. Rather look for sports betting sites online that offer eSports with the best odds.

    If you are an avid eSports bettor like us, you want to get the most out of betting on eSports. Check out what the live betting options are for the eSports you’d like to place your bets. If you don’t know where to find the latest betting information about forthcoming eSports events. You can visit MyBookie’s live betting section that showcases all the latest eSports betting tournaments. If we can give you a quick pointer. Pay special attention to the eSports betting odds. In which markets the eSports are available, and when the live betting streams occur.

    Now that you’re ready to bet on eSports, what now? Only register an account at the eSports betting sites recommends. They are safe, they have a license and their deals are good. They even accept Bitcoin and they offer you a sportsbook bonus on your first deposit!


    Final Word

    Betting on eSports is the next big thing in online sportsbook betting. The time is now! Start exploring every single bit it brings to the table. Although eSports is different than betting on regular sports. There are many similarities as well, and herein lies the key.

    You see, while the similarities should allow you to ease into the action relatively quickly. To be a successful bettor on eSports means you have to roll up your sleeves. Don’t just dive in and place your bets left, right, and center just because a buddy of yours says so. Do your due diligence about the eSports game before you bet on it. The only thing that is constant is change. Change can be a good thing. This is why we firmly believe that betting on eSports will soon surpass that of normal sports betting.