Top 3 casino online games

In our days, you can find many Casino Online games. But, probably you don’t have enough time to play every game until you like one. So, today we will discuss about top 3 casino online games, in my point of view, and then you can play it and choose your favourite. So, let’s start with the 3th.

3. Sic bo – this is a pure lucky game, where you can make real big gains or you can lose all of your money. In this game, there are 3 dice and every player can bet on a number or many combinations. The double game means that the player bet on a pair of the same number( for example: 2 ) and he wins if the number appears at least twice.

At the beginning of the game, every player put his bets on the layout and after that the dealer starts to shake the dice and throw them on the table.baccarat-cards

2.Baccarat – this is a french game, very known in the casino online world. Baccarat is played between the player and the dealer and it’s a cards game. Each card between J, Q and K has 0 points and the A card has 1 point. The aim of this game is to accumulate as much as possible points under 10.

Every player score is calculated by summing all card points and by keeping the last sum digit( for example if a player has 7 points, his score is 7, but if he has 16 its score is 6). At the beginning of the game every player receives 2 cards and he can ask another one if he want.

1.Blackjack – this is my favourite game. It is very similar with the Baccarat but I think that is more attractive, at least for me. Like Baccarat, this game is played between a dealer and a player and at the beginning every player gets 2 cards and after that he can ask for more cards. But, in this game players’ aim is to accumulate 21 points or an appropriate value.


These games are my favourites, because I am a fan of pure luck casino online games. I know other games, like these, if you want to play: Vegas Roulette, Globe Roulette, Mystery Roulette, etc.

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