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Sports betting websites have become a lot more advanced over the last few years, which has resulted in more gaming options, improved betting odds, mobile betting, and much more. Some have also created a whole new theme for their site, which makes it easier to navigate and find the sports you are interested in.

However, some betting sites have the perfect layout right from the start, and while that might not make them new and exciting, it definitely, says something about their experience from the moment they’ve opened the site. Being a sportsbook professional allows me to sport certain things about a website once I start looking around. As you can imagine, I’ve found a few sites that aren’t even worth reviewing due to poor design and missing features.

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When I first entered TopBet, I got the feeling this might be one of those sites. However, once I started looking around, I found the site to be quite impressive and that they have focused on the sports betting part rather than design and applying the latest features to their site. The options were still easy to find, and there are various advantages to the website that aren’t available at just any sportsbook. The site was launched in 2011 and provides all the major sports with betting options that include live in-play betting. There are some disadvantages regarding banking options, but these might not be an issue for some bettors.

What About Depositing Money at TopBet

topbet-300-x250As mentioned above, the banking options offered are rather limited and don’t provide all the options found with usual sports betting sites. To make a deposit, the site includes Visa and Mastercard prepaid options, credit cards and they also accept Quick Cash as well as Western Union, which requires bettors to acquire a code from the support team before the transaction will be completed.

Their banking options provide secure transactions as SSL encryption, and as for deposits, members are presented with excellent service and instant transactions when credit cards are used. The site will require a minimum deposit of $50, which is also much higher than other popular sportsbook sites, especially for a first-time deposit.

The $50 minimum bonus is sure to excite when you accept one fo their casino bonuses. This will provide additional cash to your account depending on the amount you deposit. Amounts ranging from $50 to $99 will receive an additional 50% on top of their deposit value, $100 to $199 will include 75% bonus, and finally, $200 to $1,000 will surprise with 100% match. This means the casino will double your funds for any deposits exceeding $200. The site also includes many other promotions, which are presented for their sports betting section as well as the casino. It’s recommended to have a look at the promotions tab whenever you are making a deposit as there could be many advantages when it comes to their bonuses.

Rating for Deposits and Options: 6/10

Betting Layout and Features

TopBet has managed to create an attractive betting layout that only shows you the information you are interested in. Many sportsbook sites overcrowded the screen with way too much information, which forces you to go hunting for the options you’ve selected from the very beginning. TopBet’s layout does include many additional menu choices, which work like filters to ensure you are shown only the sports you’ve selected.

Each of the betting options also contains more information than most betting sites. Each match will provide tabs at the top to selected different quarters, which allows you to see all upcoming matches. The matches itself includes the spread, price, money line, over/under, and the price for the other team. This makes it very easy to place a bet as more information is presented without having to go look for other display options when it comes to the odds.

The layout is very easy to use and includes all the sports on the left, which provide different leagues and matches when selected. Once one has been selected, you will be presented with the betting options and odds for that event.

One of the major downfalls I found on the site is the fact that no horse racing could be found. This is one of the main reasons bettors such as myself join betting sites. This was rather surprising as they provide all the other games types, which even includes mixed martial arts.

Rating for Betting Platform and Ease of Use: 8/10

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Odds/Bet Limits

TopBet provides various betting options with limits big enough for most high bettors and those of you who prefer lower amounts. For parley bets, you will find limits of up to $2,000 are available. However, this depends on the sport wagered on as some could even include higher limits. TopBet also features very competitive odds, meaning they provide a fair betting opportunity with all the events they cover. Their site is kept up to date and features all the most popular upcoming events with all the information you need.

Odds and Betting Prices: 8/10


Mobile Betting

Their mobile site features an easy to use layout and all the options found on their website. This allows users to enjoy all the options and settings offered by the sportsbook from anywhere at any time. Their well-designed layout for each sport also makes it easy to keep track of scores and to place a quick in-play bet at your request.
The site does not offer an app, but with the advancements in mobile technology, it’s not really needed. Using a smartphone or tablet allows you to add the mobile page to your device using the homepage shortcut available in your browser settings menu.

One of the impressive aspects of their mobile site is the fact that you will still have access to the various menu options. These appear once you’ve selected a sport, which is followed by the different matches and events available. Placing a bet is just as easy and secure as their full website, and since your PC and mobile accounts are linked, you will find there are updated instantly when you place a bet from either device.

Mobile Betting on Smartphones: 8/10


Unfortunately, the withdrawal options offered by Top Bet might not provide users with the options required. As you’ve seen above, the site allows you to make a deposit with credit cards, but this option couldn’t be found in withdrawals, meaning those of you using credit cards will be required to obtain your winnings with another method.

Currently, the site provides withdrawal option with Western Union that takes a bit longer as you need information from the casino to collect your funds. Quick Cash options are also available, which are faster, but somewhat limited to bettors from certain parts of the world. Finally, their last option includes having your funds delivered by DHL, which might be acceptable by some, but it will still require you to wait for the payment to be delivered, which then needs to be cashed. There is also a wire option but again this could take a few day’s.

In regards to making options, Top Bet has disappointed. I’ve also found that these payouts could take longer than usual from the site, which is sure to annoy members.

Ease and limits of Withdrawals: 4/10


Top Bet has a lot going for it in regards to betting options and their layout when horse racing is not part of your betting selection. I’ve enjoyed placing bets on the site as well as mobile as it is easy to use, fast, and accurate. The site is fair and did provide me with a withdrawal, but their times were somewhat different to what it says, which didn’t bother me much when I received the payout.

Other than the few issues mentioned, Top Bet remains a fairly good betting option and fantastic promotions. There are many advantages to joining them, which goes far beyond just placing a bet. If you are new to the betting world and interested in joining Top Bet, just be sure to consider the facts mentioned and be patient with withdrawals.

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