UK Bookmakers Tips

It’s often said that gambling is a mug’s game maybe when it comes to casino games, when it comes to sports betting the odds are slightly in your favour.

That said, gambling is still a risk and should always be done within the confines of one’s bankroll. Then again it’s also entertaining, fun and a great way to bet a couple of quid on your favourite sports team.

Before you wager your hard-earned cash we’re going to give you a few tips that will stand you in good stead next time you visit your local betting shop.

1. Familiarize Yourself With the Sport

When betting on a football team there’s a couple of things you need to take into consideration, in other words is it a good attacking side but equally important do they defend well? At times you get teams that are often regarded as one-trick ponies. Seasoned sports bookies know exactly what to look for before they place their bets.

”Winning is isn’t everything it’s the only thing.”

In sports consistency is key, take tennis for example, a player like Roger Federer always delivers the goods especially during the Grand Slams. If you want to play it safe this is the way to go. Betting on golf is another kettle of fish, even if a player won a couple of majors it doesn’t always mean it’s a good choice to bet on them. Experience, personality, talent, home ground advantage, the weather and mental fortitude always carries the day.

2. The Best Player Loses At Times

This may be a moot point for some punters, never ignore certain tell-tale signs even when it comes to the best of the best. A shining example is when Roger Federer lost to Jean Martin Del Potro in the quarter finals of the 2017 US Open.

Many bookmakers had the Fed-Express down as the favourite with a 2/5 cause he won the Slam 5 times before, it was a slam dunk so to speak. Del Potro a previous US Open winner in 2009 beat Federer in 4 sets. What the bookies overlooked was that Federer’s health (back problems) wasn’t 100%. In a post-match interview he admitted that he wasn’t ”there” in the game.

3. Diversity is Key-Try Different UK Bookies

Brand loyalty is very important to some folk before you buy always shop around to see if there’s a better deal floating about. The market is very competitive this is why most UK bookies offer punters exclusive deals on certain sporting events. A site that offers the inside scoop and has loads of information on current deals is

A popular bet in football is the first goalscorer market, bookies love to put their own spin on it. A site like Bet365 can double even tripple the odds if your player scores a couple of goals. Other bookmakers might double the odds if the player scores a goal within 30 minutes. Essentially most bookies have their own deals in a bid to try and get you through their doors. The point is don’t bet with just one bookie, shop around.

4. Less is More

Most folk are of the opinion that the more bets you place on a team or person the better your chances are of winning something. To be honest this couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you have to bet more than once on a team rather go four bets tops, if you’ve put on the old 20-fold accumulator you might as well go to la-la land. Most of the cash bookies lose are on singles. Say a high rollers strolls into the shop and drops £20,000 on a 5/7 shot. If he wins at an odds-on price the bookie will have to fork out thousands of quid. If you’re not a high roller place bets of £5 to £10 that triples a win, we consider this a good return.

5. Odds-on Prices Are Can Be Deceptive

If you’re eager to place that long-shot bet on a Saturday afternoon, don’t bother padding out your accumulator with odds-on selections. Should you win you’ll walk away with pennies. In tennis Grand Slam’s this is quite common, all the unseeded players are up against the top guns.

Initially it looks enticing to throw the whole lot in a bunch in order to win a quick buck-don’t do this. When it comes to match-betting tennis is known for offering atrocious fees. If you bet on the world’s number one player against an unseeded player the return on your investment is still a palsy 3/1. If you place a bet of £10 and your player won you’ll win £30, if he losses the odds are 1/8. Do research on the player and his/her track record at a major event before you back that player to win.

6. Try Other Markets

Once you’ve done a bit of research you should know your sport well enough to find the best value bookies will offer you in a sea of markets. Obviously it might be a ploy by the bookies to ensare you try and find the best possible prices nonetheless.

You might not feel safe by staking the odds with Chelsea beating Manchester United. The might have a couple of star-studded players but they’re not necessarily a stronger outfit. Take Jamie Vardy for instance he might be the league’s top goal scorer, it’s safe to bet on him scoring a goal at 6/4.

Before you place a bet check the betting shop’s terms with the staff. The mistake many punters make is the half time/full time bet vs win both halves. If you put a HT/FT bet, your time musn’t only be winning at half time but they must seal the match too. In order to win your bet your team must score more goals than the opposing side in both halves. It can be frustrating to punters if they’re looking to cash in on their team when they were up 3-1 at half time and won the match 3-1. The bet goes down because the second-half score was 0-0.

7. Bet With Your Mind

Let’s say England plays against Brazil in the soccer World Cup, chances are pretty good that Brazil will thump England since they have an impeccable record against them. If you back England to win (although it’s not impossible) you’re betting with your heart and not your mind. Bookies totally dig stuff like this because the home fans are always rooting for the underdog.

Derby games are to be avoided simply because they have an ‘unpredictable’ element, players might go all out on the bests due to an extra degree of pride and honour. If you must bet on these events look at the other markets. Instead of just betting on the winning team bet that both teams will score a goal, in our books this is a smarter way of betting.

8. Know When To Pick

No one knows when the right time is to place a bet, if you’re big on sports betting rather do it during day time. Ahead of a popular event bookies will beef up the prices or they’ll have specials. These specials can run for a full day or for a set period at random points.

During bigger events bookies will have incredible offers which draws players like bees to honey. Shops can also boost the price of a player to score from EVS to 6/5 between 13:00 pm to 15:00 pm. It goes without saying in order to attract bettors bookmakers are forever expanding their market reach.

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is a good example. It’s getting more coverage by the day even more than boxing. When world MMA champion Rhonda Rousey took on Holly Holm the latter’s odds of winning were 6/1. You might think that Rousey received the short stack but she didn’t.

The thing is Holm is a boxing world champion while Rousey is a judo expert, in hindsight she’s not a good puncher. The best bit for us was that despite not being a wrestler Holm defended all the take downs against her successfully. This is why the match never was a clear-cut and a 6/1 was good value for money.