Using Slots Bonuses to Maximise Your Chances of Winning

There are so many ways to find rewarding and lucrative bonus offers. Online gaming operators promote them themselves, plus lots of sites make lists with the top bonuses that can be found out there. For example, you can simply get them at in case you’re a passionate mobile player or at a similar site if you’re more into playing on desktop devices.

However, there’s far from enough information regarding maximising your chances of winning using exclusive slots bonuses. In order to help our readers and keep them well informed, as usual, we’ve prepared some advice on this interesting topic. With our help you’ll be able to recognise good slots bonuses and make the most out of them by following several simple tips.

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Before we move on to explaining slots bonuses and how to use them wisely, it’s crucial to point out the several different types of such bonuses. The general definition of a slot bonus is “an offer that can be used only on reel machines.” However, not all offers are the same and not being aware of this can hurt your strategy. So, there are no deposit and deposit slots bonus offers; the first ones are free credits given to those that will either join the site or use an appropriate code.

The latter ones require players to make a deposit in order to get a certain amount of free cash as a reward. In addition, there are free spin bonuses, which are pretty self-explanatory; the operator treats players with a predetermined number of free spins that can be used either on all games or on selected titles only. Additional type of slots bonuses are promos that reward players with double loyalty points when they play chosen titles.


No Deposit Bonuses

Now that you’re well educated on slots bonuses, we can move on to practical advice. No deposit and deposit slots bonuses usually come with wagering requirements, expiration date and restrictions. Before claiming such an offer you must read everything about those aspects in order to avoid making a move that could result in the bonus being removed from your account.

The no deposit cash is great for earning winnings without making an initial investment, whereas cash deposit bonuses are perfect bankroll boosts. Considering the fact that the longer you play a certain slot, the better your chances of hitting a prize are, both types of bonuses improve your position. Nonetheless, when choosing such cash bonuses you should try to stick with offers that have as low minimum wagering requirements as possible and with bonuses that last for at least a week; that way the likelihood of clearing the rollover will be higher.

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Next on the list are free spins bonuses; these also can help you improve your likes of winning a prize if you use them wisely. Free spins can be anything between 1 and 100, depending on the exact offer. They also come with wagering requirements and often with a max cashout as well. Thus, we advise you to give advantage to bonuses that don’t have a max cashout since such a limitation ruins your chances of winning big. Our advice regarding this type of bonus offers is to use them as soon as possible and try to clear the playthrough (if any) quickly as well.

The last mentioned type of slots bonuses are special promos that give extra rewards to those that play selected games.

These bonuses are rewarding in a different way because they quickly increase the total number of loyalty points you have; those points usually can be converted into cash, which can be used for playing some more. Therefore, that’s yet another way to play longer without investing too much money in the game and, hopefully, hit a massive jackpot along the way.



All in all, slots bonuses are a great way for fans of slot machines to save cash and yet play their favourite titles. When choosing the offers you should always pay attention to terms, limitations and other rules that reveal the most important information about the bonus.

Always aim to get as many free credits as possible as well as try finding no deposit offers that come without maximum cashout; or, at least, with a high maximum amount that can be withdrawn.

Another smart move is to use the bonus as soon as possible without making any breaks between sessions, especially if you play slots with features that become more rewarding the longer you play. If you follow these tips, then you’ll definitely maximise your chances of winning, you’ll enjoy the games more and you’ll avoid spending funds from your hard-earned budget.