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NBA Latest odds and betting lines updated in realtime from the best online sportsbooks. If odds are not showing please click the drop down bar that says moneyline, this will also give you spread and total over and under odds.

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Currently there are no matches in this league.

With another NBA season upon us in late October, what will the upcoming season bring for our bettors in regards to putting money in your pocket? Well, that may depend on how well you understand the various types of betting/wagering on an NBA game and how to find the best value for your money as basketball is amongst a fan favorite when it comes to laying down a wager.

Regarded by many of the experts in the sportsbooks world, betting and winning consistently on NBA games at least when it comes to the point spread may be one of the toughest to conquer in all of sports betting; this may be due to the up and downs of teams during a long, grinding season.

Here is a look at the various ways to wager on game using our NBA Odds;



Also known as the “spread” in the betting industry, the point spread is the number given on a game dictated by the sportsbooks that will attract an equal number of bettors for both the favorite and the underdog.

A negative value on a team such as (-5.5) means that team is favored to win the game by at least 5.5 points, which in this case will need to win by at least 6 points to give you an winning wager. That same value on a team with a positive (+5.5) is given to the underdog team thereby spotting them 5.5 points before the game even starts. The underdog team can still lose the game by 5 points but give you a winning bet by half a point as it still covers the NBA points spread.

It is important to take note of the juice or vig of the odds associated such as -5.5 (-110). Making a $100 bet with a -110 value (juice/vig), you will have to risk $110 to win back $100 as that team is the favorite to win the game. The 10% juice in this case is the commission earned by the sportsbook for placing the wager on your behalf which they keep if you lose plus the original bet. However, deliver a winning bet and you get it back. The same $100 wager on the underdog at +5.5 (+110) will earn you $110 for a $100 bet.



Most commonly used to wager on the MLB or NHL, placing a moneyline bet on the NBA has grown in popularity when it comes to siding with the underdog. Unlike the point spread, the team you pick simply has to win the game.

Again, keep a watchful eye on the value given to each the favorite and underdog team playing one another. A negative value for the favorite such as -150 means $150 bet to win a $100, while a positive value such as +170 will earn you $170 in profit on a $100 wager.



One of my favorite ways to bet as well as with other sports bettors wagering on an NBA game, betting on the NBA Over/Under is quite simple as you will just have to decide if the the combined number of points scored will be greater or less than the number of total points estimated by the sportsbooks. The number set forth by the sportsbooks is designed to attract an equal number of bettors for both sides.

For example, 202.5 is the number the experts feel will be scored in a game between both teams; you will either decide the Over of that total number to win the wager or Under to win the bet.



Just like picking the Super Bowl winner or World Series champion, the same holds true for picking who you think will win the NBA title. Updated throughout the year by the various sportsbooks based on the success or failures of a team, you will see the betting odds fluctuate on each team. It’s important to look for the best value on a team when deciding a wager; whereas a +200 favorite on a team to win the championship won’t give you much of a return, a +3000 underdog will make for a nice payday. Of course, it is important to be realistic on a teams chances of winning it all when placing a wager.

With plenty of sportsbooks at your disposal here at Wonder Punter, all having their own odds, we invite you to take a look what each one as to offer to get you ready for the NBA season.