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How College Football Odds Work

The start of college football is my favorite time of the year and why not with plenty of action on the gridiron to satisfy any sports bettors looking to wager on their favorite team or game.

The popularity of the college game has grown over the years and not just amongst viewers but also when it comes to sports betting as well with the various types of ways to lay down a bet, so let’s go over the different College Football Odds Legend to give you a better understanding.



Regarded as still the most popular way to bet using our college football odds, betting the point spread, line, spread or against the spread (ATS) is an easy payday for many during the fall as there are so many bad teams playing good teams early on in the schedule.

But, to be successful with this type of gambling, one must understand the spread and the risks involved. Example: Let’s take a power team out of the SEC who has to play a lower division opponent where the power team is favored by 21 points. That means the SEC team is a (-21) point favorite as a negative value means that team is favored, whereas the underdog team has as positive value (+21). So, if you wish to ride the favored team with a bet, the favored team must win the game by at least 22 points or more to be a winner for you. On the other hand, if you feel the other team who is a (+21) point underdog has a shot to cover the spread, the underdog can still lose the game by 20 points but produce a winner for you as they covered the spread by one point in this case.

Important to note before placing the bet what the moneline value is on each team with the spread such as -21 (-110) or +21 (+115). Also known as the “juice” or “vig,” the moneyline is the commission you pay to the sportsbook to place your bet. Taking the two moneylines as an example with a $100 bet, you will need to risk $110 to win $100 on a (-110) moneyline, while a (+115) moneyline will earn you $115 on that same $100 bet for an underdog win.



Also known as a straight-up (SU) bet, the moneyline wager game has grown over the years as handicappers and seasoned players have learned to “smell” an upset on an upcoming game. With no point spread odds involved in this type of betting, one must simply pick who you think will win the game straight-up by far the simplest NCAAF Odds type you can play.

Talked about many time before, take notice of the moneyline value with each team to determine the risk and rewards. Example: A wager on the favorite at +150 would mean risking $150 to win $100, whereas a wager on the underdog at +140 would yield you $140 on a $100 bet won.



A favorite way for me to lay down a bet on a game, the college football OVER/UNDER odds betting on the game totals takes away a lot of the stress associated with wagering the spread or moneyline as you just need both teams to combine for the OVER or UNDER on total points for that game. Taking 50.5 total combined points for example, an OVER winning bet will need both teams to combine for at least 51 points, whereas an UNDER winning bet will need both teams to score less than 50 points.

Take note with so many NCAA football odds released on a weekly basis, the OVER/UNDER totals are not as quickly available as we come to expect with the NFL.



Known as college football futures, you can bet your prediction on who you think will win the College Football Playoffs come season’s end. Just like all the other major sports, a strong team will have short odds such as +230 to win it all, while a slow team out the gate will have higher CFP odds such as +3000 to bring home the prize. A $100 wager on +230 team will mean a $230 profit, but a $100 wager on +3000 team will return $3000! Bet wisely when it comes to futures to get the best value on your money.

And with college football, it doesn’t stop there with future betting as one can also bet conference champions, Heisman Trophy winners and more! For all the best and latest odds and futures, visit one of the many sportsbooks at your disposal here at Wonder Punter and good luck!